Painted furniture is a fun addition to your home!

Painted Furniture

Painted furniture

I absolutely love painted furniture and the look that it brings into my home. You can go bold or soft. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I have redone (and redone) for my home.

In my bedroom I have painted most of my furniture and shelving white. But I still wanted to bring out a little color. I love color, in soft shades it brings in a lot of beauty.

I have a lovely child size chest with the original mirror. It is from the 1800’s. The chest has been in many rooms of different homes that I have owned and I left it the original color. But since my home is now in pastels I decided to paint it white. It took me a long time to make this step because of the age of the chest and that it had been in the family for such a very long time. Inside the chest the makers had lined the chest with old newspapers. It show ads from the late 1800’s with sketches of women wearing dresses of that day. It truly is an amazing piece. I was really pleased how beautiful it looked after I was done. I’m glad I did it.

Jewelry cabinet

This is a fun project that I did to a new jewelry box. I didn’t intend to refinish it because it was new!  But because of a couple of moves it got really scratched and one leg broke. I took off the legs then sanded the box down. I painted it a matte ivory, then after that dried I painted a light coat of matte gray. I also took the hardware off and sprayed it a soft blue. I love the look that it gives furniture when you paint the hardware on it. After the box dried I roughed up the finish with heavy sandpaper. The patina is just what I wanted.  I found a cute stool at a flea market and painted it the same gray that I painted the box but left it gray. They now are a pair.

Painted furniture

The chair next to my white chest is an old flea market find. I adore the harp on the back. I painted this a soft lavender, two coats. I roughed up the paint job with sandpaper to give it the rustic patina that I like. I had a sweet piece of floral fabric that I recovered the seat with. I also gave the seat a little more padding. I put a velvet lavender pillow on the chair. I use the pillow to display my Vintage brooches.

Some times your furniture just needs a lift. If the piece has good bones paint it you will save yourself a lot of money, and it will feel bran-new.  Paint is very cheap compared to buying a new piece.

Happy painting. Let me know what kinds of projects you have done and if you enjoyed it.

Have a LOVERLY day! Joanne XXOO



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