Makings of a Work Station

Making of a Work Station

1. DSCF3570    2. DSCF3573


Making this work bench was easy, fun, and inexpensive. As you can see in photo #1 the workbench doesn’t take up a lot of room but it sure does hold a lot of things that I need for my crafting and sewing. The work surface gives me a lot of room to hold supplies and yet room to work.

Here is how I made my work station: Less than $200.00.(Not counting the docking station and other table top items.)

Tools you will need: Scissors, staple gun, fabric glue, fillips screwdriver

From Home Depot I purchased:

1 hollow core door, size 80″ X 36″  ($25.00)

2 Martha Stewart book cases in white, these have nine cubes, 36″ X 36″. ($40.00 each)

6 or more Martha Stewart cloth drawers. 11″ X 11″ (in any color you desire) I used 3 aqua, and 3 pink, they come in many colors and patterns. Use as many as you like. ($7.00 each)

1 large roll of white Velcro, 1/2″ wide, you will need enough to make 2 36″ stripes. (one large roll $20.00 with plenty left over)


From Jo-Ann Fabrics I purchased:

3 1/2 yards, 60 width of vinyl (You can use anything that is durable and is easy to wash). This is for the covering of the work surface. ($5.00 a yard)

1 80″ plastic or fabric tape measure. ($2.00)

3 yards of cotton in a blue calico print ($3.49 a yard)

fabric glue ($2.49)

1 re-tension rod ($6.00)

Total cost of my work bench(Not counting the docking station and other table top items.)

Put your shelving together as instructed. Cover the door with chosen fabric, staple all edges in the bottom of the door, just like wrapping a gift. To attach the Velcro, measure 4, 3 ft. pieces, attach one side of the Velcro to the top of the book cases, 6″ apart. So that there are 2 stripes along the top. One on both edges. Do this to both book cases. Take the other side of the Velcro and attach it on both sides of the door. So when you turn the door over to put it on top of the cases the Velcro will attach to one another. They will not be going any where. They seal really tight. 

So there’s your Work Station!

Now for the curtain: Measure out 36″ in width and fold the fabric over, you will have about 9″ to fold for the rod to go through. As you can see on figure 1. I folded the inside of the fabric so it showed. It gave it a little contrast. Use your fabric glue and draw a line of it along the edge of the fabric, then press together. Let dry for about 10 minutes. The glue drys fast. Insert rod and attach to the sides of the bookcases. No need to hem, I just used the selvage edges as the hems. The sides don’t show and they have never frayed so I have felt them raw.

3.  DSCF3575   4.  DSCF3576


Now’s the fun part! Putting all your fun crafting and sewing materials together. Check out garage sales, flea markets, things that you might have around the house. Refurbish old bottles, cans, boxes, vases. I love the curtain because is hides all my drawers of goods. See photo #5. ( I’ll do another post on embellishing containers.)

5.  DSCF3574

I also use it for my computer and printer.

6.   DSCF3568

I have made a docking station for phone and I pad. I bought the docking station from, I drilled holes in the back of the drawers, then painted it white. I paid $80.00 for it. One thing about this unique Work Station is that you can put as much or as little money as you like into it.

I know that this post was a little lengthy but I hope that it was useful. I you have any questions at all please email me.

Have a great weekend! XXOO





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