Part 1 – Making ready for a new Hutch!

I was so ready for my new hutch to arrive. I needed space to store my lovely things. I like to redo my vignettes often and I don’t like to put everything out at once. I believe that few is more.

My messy area. Just a waiting for my new hutch.

My messy area. Just a waiting for my new hutch.

It drove me almost crazy while I was waiting for my new hutch this Spring. I would walk by day in and day out, and it kept grinding on my nerves! I was like a kid waiting for Santa to come yet frustrated with the mess. I know that some of it was my OCD talking, well okay all of it!



I don’t know about you but when I move one thing around it leads to moving around a whole lot of other things, as well as painting, sewing, or crafting something for that area and many other areas as well. It’s gets to be a lot of work. But it’s a lot of work that I enjoy!

The day arrived! The mail man brought it to my door, my Son Nathan told him that he just made one Women very happy! The Grand kids proceeded to bring it down to my apartment. It was very heavy. My sweet Nathan so lovingly put it all together for me. He did a great job to. It came in two pieces. Nate had put that together earlier.

Oh I was so very happy with the hutch. I purchased it from The Country it was $349.00. Very well made.DSCF3690

DSCF3692 IMG_0163


Being true to myself I have rearranged it several times.

IMG_0166 IMG_0161 IMG_0156 IMG_0153 IMG_0147

I think that it looks pretty amazing. The first thing that I did before Nathan had it all put together was to spray the backing and knobs a coral pink then I roughed up the knobs a bit with fine grain sandpaper. Then I hung a lace border on one of the shelves.  I love all the storage that it has.

So, next I needed to up date the area around my hutch. Check back later and I’ll show you what I did.

Hope that you all enjoyed this post.

Have a very LOVERLY day!




I love to read your comments. Thank you!

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