Thanks goes to the brave Men and Women in uniform!

Honoring my Son:

I want to give my oldest son Adam J. Baxter a special thanks for serving in our countries U.S. Navy as a Master of Arms. Especially when the world is in such a time of unrest as it is today.

The Navy is the only branch of the service that calls the military police something different from M.P for Military Police, thus being a Master of Arms as in traditions of old. I know it can get confusing. Right now he is stationed in Misawa Japan at a Naval Air Facility. I miss him very much but I am also so proud to see the great strength and growth that he has gained since serving his country. He has gained lots of leadership skills as well as being a great shot.

In service of our country!

In service of our country!

A special thanks goes to Natasha for the love and strength that it takes to be the wife of a Serviceman. 

Thank you Natasha for supporting Adam as he does his duties around the world. She has to pick up and move every three to four years and never having a home that she can really call her own. Natasha is taking time out to raise her two darling children. She has her degree in Elementary Education. When Adam retires from the Navy she plans to start her teaching career. Women seem to have to put their plans on hold for husbands work and raising children. I’m very proud of her choices. She is a very dedicated wife and mother.

We go where ever Dad goes.

We go where ever Dad goes.


Lets remember our Service Men and Women in our prayers and to give a special thanks to those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Luvs always,





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