My BIG 60!

 June 1, 2014 I turned 60!

     Wow have I really lived that long! When my Grandchildren ask me about the olden days I can really tell them that I lived in the days of black and white, no garbage disposals or dishwashers, gas was .25 a gallon, a freeway was something that I really could not fathom. Ozone what’s that? I saw men walk on the moon!

I can tell them that my Dad rode his horse to school, and that my Mom could walk home from the ice skating rink alone in the dark and not fear of being abducted. Boy, times have really changed!

Jo turned 60!

One afternoon I took the time to go through my keepsakes in my cedar chest. I found my baby book that my Mom so lovingly put together when I was small. I ask myself if this book is Vintage then I must be Vintage too! Oh my!


This is such a beautiful book. I luv the soft pink of the leather cover, and the beautiful impression of the picture. From now on it’s gets a place on my bookcase.


Mom inserted a picture from a magazine of a baby. She thought that I might look like her. I really like the beautiful design on the inside of the cover.


These are some darling birth cards from friends and family. So cute!


I figure that I have approximately 20 years to accomplish my bucket list. Where do I start? Of course Interior Design is at the top of the list but Relationships are number 1. That’s what life is all about. New and old relationships will be kindled. Sharing life with others is so rewarding. One thing that I have learned in my 60 years is that you don’t need to have a relationship with a friend or a family member if it is toxic. It’s okay, some people can just suck the life right out of the air that you breath. It’s just not good for either one you. Don’t feel guilty either.

One thing that I know for sure is that life can be beautiful, it truly is what we make of it.

Have a beautiful day!

Luv, Jo XXOO


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