Part II of Family Heirlooms

Sorry I have been gone for a while but I’m back with Part 2 Family Vintage Keepsakes!

Here are some more of my favorites.

dad's up close Towel

This is one of my favorite keepsakes. My Father made it when he was just 6 years old. Look at the stitching it is perfect that’s just how my Dad lived his life. I’ll tell you a little story about this towel. My Dad passed about a year ago. A few days after he passed I keep seeing this towel on the floor. I keep it on a special hook and it is secured tightly because I don’t want it to fall and get dirty. After about the second time that I saw this on the floor, my mind said you dummy Jo, Dad is trying to tell you he is fine and that he is with you. Yup! I always have needed a hammer to hit me over the head to tell me to look for the nice things in life.  So now when I see it on the floor I just say hi Dad glad you came yo visit!

Dad's Towel

The towel hangs by my lovely aprons.


These spools of old thread are from my Dad’s leather working suitcase that I was so happy to get! It had a lot of fun things in it like a wooden hammer, lots of leather, even some old sheep skins.

Dad's chest

Here is Dad’s leather working suitcase. Yup I had to paint it white, it was an ugly army green I think it came from an army surplus store from World War 1.

dad's chest

It is a great holder for my TV stuff! Isn’t great?! The great dresser that the TV is sitting on was a piece of my Grandparents bedroom furniture. I had it and the rest of the pieces in my childhood bedroom.

Cedar box

This is a sweet little box made out of cedar that my Dad brought back to me from a business trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. I have cherished this for years.

Man & Wife

Can you believe that I have the topper to my parent’s wedding cake? I had it on mine and so did my daughter. My parents were married for 64 years!

Mom's quilt

This is a beautiful quilt that my Mom stitched. My grandmother, her mother did the quilting. I don’t let any one sit on it. I want it to last for ever.


This shows the pattern a little better.

Mom's ironstone

This is a piece of my Mom’s ironstone dishware. It is plain but lovely.

Mom's crown

Mom brought me this crown the other day. She wore it with a veil on her wedding day. So lovely I feel honored.

Mom's head piece

Another view.

Bride crown

Look at the beading such tiny stitches.

Chest with pictures

Here is a fun way to display old photos. No frames to mess with and you change them out often.

Picture wall

I have made a gallery of many of my old photos, here is my grandmother and her twin and the top picture is my Mom as a 1-year-old.

Sister is forever

My sister has made me many lovely things over the years and I just cherish them. Think of all the hours that go into these stitchery? Labors of love.


This is a clock that my Mom stitched. I remember her working on this in the evenings at home when I was small. This gave her comfort during the JFK funeral. Hand work is a great way to slow yourself down and to unwind from a crazy busy day.

Mel's HandkercheifThis is a beautiful hankie given to me by a dear friend. Her grandmother made it. I gave her a plate of my great grandmothers, we did this to honor our friendship.

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures of my keepsakes and have learned some fun ways to display them. Pull out your drawers and open your closets and I think you will be amazed what you can put on display. They really make fun conversation pieces.

It really is all LOVERLY!



I love to read your comments. Thank you!

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