Books Help to Build Vignettes

Have you ever thought about using books to make great vignettes? 

I have and I use them all the time. They are helpful for making your displays look more diversified. It is more pleasing to the eye to see a display where their are different heights in it. Everything doesn’t look so flat or horizontal.  Here are some pictures that might help give you some ideas to use books in your vignettes. Take a look.

bks on mantle

Here is a fun set of books that I made. It holds the candle so it matches the height of the candle on the other side of the mantle.

bks closup

Here is a close up.

bks and baskets

Here is another set. This is how I made them. Use any where from 3 to 5 books. I bought them at a good will store, they weren’t anything special so I didn’t mind tearing them apart. I took a craft knife and cut the covers of the books off, the spine will come off with them. Next I picked the colors of choice and painted the spines. The top book I covered with a large piece of lace that I had. Then I tided them together with ribbon, one I tided with twine. Use your imagination pretty much anything that you have on hand will do. This should only cost you pennies to make. The books above I didn’t cover because I liked the top printed page.

books and bird

I usually choose my books by the color, it helps to pick a color that you are trying to bring out in your vignettes so that the eye will travel from one vignette to another.

bks and dishes

See how the books make this display even out.

bks on table

You can turn your book sets to show the spine or the pages. Don’t you just love this beautiful throw that I got from Shabby FuFu .com? This is there pink one.

Bks w aqua blanket

Here is their aqua throw. I just love them. I use them mostly for my tables. I want one in each color! Check out the stack of books and magazines, I love to display them and not hide them away they are way to pretty to hide.

bks and mag

bks and flowers

I always have books by the side of my bed. Here it shows the flowers on the book so they are not the same size as the water globe. If you have a guest room put some in there with a few magazines for your guests to thumb through.

bks and mary

See the height advantage here with the books under the vase? This makes the vignette more interesting.

bks and teacup

This is a very special old book that I love to display. It’s fun to look at them. If you would like any more ideas about books see my post on Redoing the Book case. 

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to spruce up your displays.

It’s all LOVERLY!



I love to read your comments. Thank you!

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