Updating lamp shades in my Romantic Farmhouse theme.

I get a big bug about every three months, not the kind of bug that puts you into bed but the kind that talks to me and says “Jo you really need to make new sofa pillows for Fall, and what would it look like it I tipped my wooden chest up on it’s side? Or, move the kitchen table, the big one lets change the colors in the bathroom, you know those lush purples,grey and burgundy.

Well that’s what I have been doing since 9:30 this morning until now. Oh ya it is 11:30 at night. But I had a great day and the house looks fabulous.

I have been thinking that my lamps shades really need some updating to look more like my theme Romantic Farmhouse with a bit of French Nordic. So this is how I started:

BeFunky_lamp shade.jpg

This shade needed just a new little dress to just spruce her up a bit.

BeFunky_lamp shade ruffle.jpg

In this picture it shows that a cute 3″ strip of tea stained fabric or you can use white or both colors if you choose. I have used both colors on the same lamp and they seem to go very well together. I sew a running stripe down the center and gather it some what.

BeFunky_lamp shade up close diy.jpg

Here you can see that I am gluing the white ruffle over the tea stained one on the top and bottom edges.

BeFunky_lamp shade up close.jpg

BeFunky_lamp shade tea stain.jpg

Tea stained fabric only here.

BeFunky_lamp shade large.jpg

And here.

BeFunky_lamp shade redo.jpg

This one has both. It really works up fast when you get going. I use a glue gun and if you need to undo the trim it comes off fairly easy.

BeFunky_lamp shade w blue.jpg

In this picture I added some shabby rags to the middle with different colors.

BeFunky_lamp shade roses.jpg

Embellishing (but be sparing) always makes this look so great, here I added some dry roses and twigs.

BeFunky_lamp shade small.jpg

Here is one of my favorite lamp shades that I put on a miniature lamp.

BeFunky_lamp shade lavendar.jpg

Most of my lamps are Rose Capodimonte Porcelain from Italy. I really love the look of them.

I hope that you enjoyed the way I have redone my lamp shades all shabby and cute. All of the shades and fabric are old so I don’t have to worry if I mess them up. The fabric is an old white sheet.Give it a try, if you have any questions just message me.




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