DIY Velvet, Mod Podge, and painted pumpkins!

Welcome dear readers! I am so glad that you have stopped by. I want to celebrate, after five months of blogging I have almost 100 followers! Yes, thanx to all of you out there you have made me feel like what I have to say and show may be worth my time.

The last several years covered pumpkins have been huge in the DIY world. So I had to give several of them a try. Two years ago I tried the Mod Podge pumpkins, then last year the painted pumpkins, and this year my favorite of all the velvet (or fabric) pumpkins. I have found with all of them that you can embellish them to the hilt or they can be rather plain. Not knowing what my new decor would be several years ago I decided to stick to plain because I can always embellish them later, and I wanted to know what my customers at the Urban Country Store would like. Here is what I came up with.

BeFunky_fall painted pumpkins.jpg

LOL When I see these awful painted pumpkins I wonder what were you thinking! Because in my mind’s eye they were going to be the Shabby Chicest pumpkins of the year. Well live and learn. The biggest problem that I had with painting these pumpkins was the bright color they were to start with, I should have put a base coat on them, then they would have been just fine, other than they really didn’t match any of my other Fall decor. So this year I decided to put them in a room that didn’t have all of the beautiful bright Fall colors in it like my bedroom snuggled in a lovely basket.

BeFunky_vvv blue pumpkin.jpg

BeFunky_fall blue pumpkin.jpg

My next attempt was using Mod Podge. These were really fun to do. I only have one left to show you I gave most of them away. When I made these I used a thinner fabric and cut them about 1 1/2″ to 2″ wide. With the length you can cute them what ever is good for you, just make sure they are not to long to control wrapping the fabric around the pumpkin. I put fabric mod podge on the pumpkin and then laid it from stem to blossom end, then applied mod podge over the top of the fabric as you go.

BeFunky_vv v pumpkins.jpg

Here are my velvet pumpkins, I must say I really had a great time making them. Everyone of them turned out unique. I experimented with other fabrics as well and they all turned out as beautiful as the velvet ones.

BeFunky_v round.jpg

First of all the fabrics I used were all vintage, they came from nighties, a skirt, a bed skirt etc.(Hum, I wonder what denim would do!)
Cut a circle depending on how big you want your pumpkins. The ones in the picture were the size of a small dinner plate and so on.

BeFunky_v making stiching.jpg

To start: gather your circle of fabric. The gathers don’t have to be small, do this all the way around. Make sure that your thread is strong! I lost 3 pumpkins not using strong thread. I finally ended up using strong quilting thread.

BeFunky_v how to make velvet beans.jpg

Next put your beans in, any type of hard dried beans will work. I filled about 1/3 of the pumpkin full. Then stuff with stuffing. Don’t over stuff this will lead to your thread breaking. Have what ever you are going to use for a stem ready (I used pieces of an old grape-vine wreath and an old witches broom).
Pull your thread tight, then insert your stem with hot glue all over the bottom. Tighten up the thread around the stem. I hot glued the stem and fabric around the opening then applied some twine over the glue. Embellish however you wish. You have your pumpkin!

BeFunky_vv velet.jpg

They have so many decorating uses. You can put them in a basket, use them for a center piece, give them as gifts. They are so fun to make and so beautiful. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. Check around your house to see what you can use. I think that you will be surprised what you have.

I hope that this post has given you some ideas for Fall pumpkins. The first thing to do is just to jump right in, inspiration comes as you go.

All is so LOVERLY!



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