HALLOWEEN has come to Anne’s Attic

Halloween has surely come to my house. With 11 grandchildren I try hard to make life fun at Grandma’s house. Here is some fun ways that I share this with my grandchildren through Interior Design.

BeFunky_h boo.jpg

Adding just a few small Halloween trinkets to your vignettes really triggers children’s imagination.

BeFunky_h owl.jpg

Who, Whoo?

BeFunky_h crow b.jpg

BeFunky_h mantle crow.jpg

I love my crows, I have had them for a very long time and they really add a lot of interest to the Halloween theme.

BeFunky_h mouse.jpg

BeFunky_h plate.jpg

Don’t for get spiders and mice! They are a very important part of Halloween! LOL

BeFunky_h table.jpg

How about a skull and interesting books to add to the theme?

BeFunky_h ghost.jpg

BeFunky_h window.jpg

Ghosts, bats anyone?

BeFunky_h witch sign.jpg


Adding a little fun to your home during the holidays is what makes your home beautiful and inviting!
Have fun, and remember that life is LOVERLY when you are doing what you love.

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