Making Vintage Aprons

So sorry that I have not posted for a few days, the flu bug has attacked out home. I took it easy during the weekend so I am trying to muddle through today. Onward and upward right?

Welcome! I am so happy that you have come to visit. I have been very busy sewing and getting ready for Fall. Some times I think that Fall is busier than Spring. I remember being a young mother of 4, getting the kids ready to start school, I sewed a lot of their clothes until they became to picky, gardening, canning, getting the house ready for Fall, PTA, church callings, and on and on. Does this sound familiar? I may have an empty nest, but life has not slowed down. I seem to always be adding something to my list of names, see my post on To many projects.

One of my many projects is making homemade vintage products for boutiques. The biggest seller is my Vintage Aprons. They are easy to sew and I can produce them in large quantities without much problem.

BeFunky_a Jordie 1.jpg

I have a beautiful daughter-in-law to help model the aprons. Thanx Jordie! Mother of the 4 children I tend.

BeFunky_a tea cup.jpg

I use vintage tea towels and table cloths with embroidery on them. They are sewn to the front of the apron, between the band and the apron parts. It’s like having a dish towel attached to your apron. Many times I can find vintage calico fabric for the aprons. Look at the lovely stitching on this lovely towel.

BeFunky_2 aprons.jpg

This towel has beautiful crocheting around it, I almost don’t want to use these lovely aprons because of the vintage stitching. Love, love it. The time that has gone into the stitching I so appreciate, I sure wish I knew who made these pieces.

BeFunky_a Jordie.jpg

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If by any way that you are interested in one of these gems, email me. I hope that you have a beautiful Fall week, and enjoy life because you are doing what you love.

Life is LOVERLY!



Thanx Robin All Things Heart and Home

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