Roses in Your Home

Welcome, welcome! I am so happy that you are here today, you are all new followers to me because I have not even hit my first anniversary date yet with blogging. I have learned so much from blogging and especially from you my dear friends that come here several times a week and have given encouragement and advice when I have needed it. A special THANK YOU to all!

As I was pondering what to post about today, I was going through my pictures of my small sweet home and thought how much it has changed since I started blogging and especially since I received my Interior Design degree this spring. As I was viewing my photos I realized that I consistently had pink roses in my decorating. I love these beautiful flowers, no matter what the color. Not only are the colors so incredibly breathe taking but so is their fragrance. People for centuries have given Roses as a token of love and appreciation, and Roses have been written about over and over again in poetry.

So today I am dedicating this Rose post to you my dear friends.
I’m am sure that at one time or another we have received Roses, if not flowers. First I would like to take you out into my little garden.

BeFunky_roses bush.jpg

This is the first Rose garden that I have had since I started my new life. (See about me.) I have felt like I have put down roots since I moved here. So a Rose garden is what I wanted. A PINK ROSE GARDEN. These darling little bushes will bless me and others with all shades of pink. Since this picture I have planted miniature Roses bushes in between. The two in the back are climbing Roses and will spread over the brick fa-sod.

BeFunky_roses .jpg

Here is a picture of the Rose bushes giving off their first buds. In another life time when my children were small I farmed a quarter acre of garden and yard. Toward the back of the yard I started my Rose garden. Each Rose bush produced a color of flower that I thought pertained to my children’s personalities. My oldest is a girl, and of course she had a beautiful pink Rose soft and sweet as she was. My first son’s was yellow just like his sunny personality. My third child a boy, had a orange yellow variegated Rose very much like the many ideas he had. Last but not least my fourth is a boy as well, his was a very soft bluish lavender Rose because he was my soft little pal. I had colors, for parents, sister, grandmother, and just because, but I will never forget the joy my children would have in their eyes when they ask me to tell them which Rose was theirs and why. I tended to these little Rose bushes with the love of a Mother.

BeFunky_roses mantle.jpg

Here is my favorite Rose, I wish I new the name of it, if any of you gardeners out there know by looking at the picture please send me a message.

BeFunky_roses silver.jpg

This is another great picture of my favorite Rose. Since I don’t have a Bow at this single time of my life I but myself two dozen Roses every payday.LOL I love bringing them home and spreading them through out my home.

BeFunky_roses table 1.jpg

What do you do with your Roses when they are starting to dye? Don’t tell me you throw them out! There are so many fun ways that you can use them in your vignettes to make them more beautiful!

BeFunky_roses long.jpg

I take the Roses just before they start to look to shabby and bundle them together and hang them upside down for about two weeks.

BeFunky_rose wreath.jpg

They look beautiful even while I am drying them.

BeFunky_rose basket.jpg

After they have dried I put the long stem Roses in a old wine holder basket that I have. Some day it will be full, but it has a long ways to go.

roses jar

The darling petals that fall off I keep and put them in a glass jar. Some times I will add a little lavender oil on them to give them a lovely scent.

BeFunky_roses table 1.jpg

Here is a beautiful bouquet of flowers that I have in a blue metal vase. Having them in my home makes me feel special and beautiful. If you look closely enough you will see that each bud is different from each other, just like us, but yet a like in many ways. This is why I love blogging, we like the Rose can come and meet together with at least one thing in common that we all love, Interior Design. These Roses are for you!

I want to leave you with this dear little poem I found.

I watched you in your
roses growing every
flowers were so lovely
perfume filled the air

Touching them so
creating a bouquet
tied with yellow
so they would’nt blow

As I left the garden
on that summer day
I turned and looked
once more
then slowly walked

I admire your lovely
so happy I would be
if I were the rosebud
you touched so

Heather Burns

Life is so LOVERLY when we are doing what we love!



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4 thoughts on “Roses in Your Home

  1. Jo,
    Your Roses are gorgeous. I agree each one is unique and when brought together they really make a beautiful statement just like all of us in blog land. You are doing so great with not even having your first year anniversary with your blog. Have a great start to the new week ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

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