More Re Do’s

I am so glad that you have come to Anne’s Attic – design there is so much going on and I really want to continue to share them with you. As I have said in the past I have been redoing all of my furniture and turning it WHITE! I live in a basement apartment that is pretty dark, and the walls are painted a pale dove-gray, with white trim, adding the white to the furniture really reflects the light and brightens all the rooms.

BeFunky_wht undone.jpg

Here is the beginning of one of my projects, turning my blue wicker end tables into white ones. Usually I would use spray paint on wicker but I really wanted a real flat look so I painted them with a brush. If you choose to paint like this method use old paint brushes because they wear out pretty fast.

BeFunky_s pink.jpg</

This robin egg blue really looked great in my last apartment, but in this one with the lovely gray paint on the walls white on the furniture really does it right.

BeFunky_white table 5.jpg

Here is the look with the flat white paint. The paint washes finish washes up nice to.

BeFunky_w 2.jpg

I was really surprised as I was painting these end tables, they painted up really fast and it left a nicer coat than the spray paint.

BeFunky_white paint up close table.jpg

I am very happy at how they turned out. I will have more to come don’t miss a post! Have a great Halloween weekend!

Life is LOVERLY when you are doing what you love!



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