Nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster Award!

Welcome dear blogging friends! Yesterday I received some exciting news: Cecelia from nominated me for the Liebster Award! I was shocked needless to say, and thank you Ceclilia for the nomination. I had never heard about this award until yesterday, I was elated to learn that part of the process involves me nominating other blogs…

Liebster is a German word with several translations including Beloved, Sweetheartand Dearest–I like it already! The award honors bloggers; originally it was for those with less than 200 followers.  However, the revised rules* state that blogs with less than 1000 followers may be nominated.

1.  Acknowledge and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2.  Find an award image and post it on your blog.

3.  Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.

4.  Share 11 random facts about yourself.

5.  Nominate 11 blogs with under 1000* followers to receive the award.

6.  Notify the bloggers that you nominated them.

7.  Give the nominees 11 questions to answer.

My questions that Cecilia had for me:
 1.  What has been your greatest blogging challenge?

I found that finding enough to blog about on a continual bases, I want it to be fresh and new. I decided to blog two days a week rather than three this helped a lot.

 2.  What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Call me crazy, but I love black licorice, especially Good and Plenty they come in 5 pd bags! my Grandkids are addicted to them now.

 3.  Which blog post are you most proud of and why?

I would say my Christmas posts, I really worked hard this year on all of the decor.

 4.  Who has inspired you most in your life?

Hands down my Mother and Grandmother.

 5.  What’s your favorite movie?

I have so many of them it’s hard to choose but I love period fantasy movies. Like Harry Potter. I’m just a kid at heart.

 6.  Would you rather spend the day at a spa or junking at a flea market?

Junk’n, I could never relax at a spa they would have to knock me out first.

 7.  What’s your favorite flower?

Light pink roses.

 8.  Assuming it was nice weather, would you rather go for a hike or stay indoors with a good book?

Hiking in God’s beautiful world is so refreshing and healing.

 9.  What is your biggest priority for 2015?

I have been so blessed in life, I just want to give back to others.

10.  What 5 things would top your gratitude list?

I have a lovely place to live with family that loves me, Grandchildren, Caring neighbors, God given talents.

11.  Are you more likely to spend on a vacation or home improvements?

In the past years money was always spent on home improvements, but now I would rather vacation.

These are nominees:











These are my questions for you.

1. What is your greatest blogging challenge?

2. What’s your greatest indulgence?

3. What brought you to blogging?

4. What is your greatest accomplishment?

5. If you could go any where in the world where would that be?

6. What is your number one thing to do in the whole world?

7. What’s your favorite color and why?

8. What’s your greatest gift?

9. List your favorite movie or TV show:

10. What do you do in your spare time?

11. What do you enjoy about blogging?

Congratulations my dear blogging friends!
((Warm Hugs)) all all round.

Thank you dear friends!

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6 thoughts on “Nominated for the Liebster Award!

  1. Congrats Anne! Loved learning a little more about you. I would have answered many of the questions the same. Sisters in heart! lol! I can’t believe that I am only familiar with Old World Patina out of all those blogs. I need to spread my wings and get out there I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jann, sometimes I get so involved in my own little world that I forget to look around, this made me do so. I really couldn’t find a lot at new blogs that are in my special design so I stretched myself and found some really cool things. There’s always a lesson to learn. XX Jo


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