Living with Sheep Skin

Welcome dear friends I am so glad that you are here today. I have been studying a little bit about sheep skin rugs. Don’t you just adore the beautiful feel and smell of them and the comfort that they bring? I’ve seen so many in home decor photos and they really give a nice feel for texture and comfort in them. My Son bought a beautiful dark brown rug for his wife’s birthday. She has some health issues and he thought that this would help give her a better nights sleep. Which it has. He paid $200.00 for it. A lot of money. So when my Mother ask what I would like for Christmas I said a “SHEEP SKIN RUG.” I found a great Etsy shop that sales nothing but these beautiful rugs and Mom bought me two of them! She really spoils me.

BeFunky_lamb package.jpg

Being that this Etsy shop comes from Poland it took me two weeks to get the first one and then just one week for the second, special thanks to USP! My grandkids (and myself included) were really excited to see a package come from so far away. I just had to take photos.

BeFunky_lamb postage.jpg

BeFunky_lamb parcel.jpg

I couldn’t believe that the rug was rolled up so tight and tucked into an envelope. When I took it out of the envelope it was wrapped into nice paper with a darling pink and white polka dot bow . It made me feel special. LOL

BeFunky_lamb roll.jpg

After I unwrapped it I saw that it was all bound tight with blue and white string. You could tell that this company really loves and believes in what they sale. This shows the tanning side which was so smooth and soft, they had done a beautiful job.

BeFunky_lamby thick.jpg

This lamb skin rug is the second one that I received. I unrolled it and then shook it out. LOOK how think this is! I measured it and it is 7″. Talk about luxury. I paid $10.00 more for this one than I did my first because of the thickness of the skin and the length. This rug is 43″ long. I paid a total of $86 including postage. I thought it was a good deal.

BeFunky_lamby 6.jpg

I sure wish that I had this sheep skin all the time that I worked as a financial assistant and spending long hours in a chair. The comfort would have been awesome. I might have not come out at all! LOL

BeFunky_lamby 4.jpg

They look so lovely in my home.


This rug is the first one that I got and it sits on my wooden love seat. My stuffed lamb doesn’t usually come out until Easter but I thought she looked cute her. I paid $76 for this one with postage, it is not as thick and as long, but it’s just as beautiful.

BeFunky_lamb 3.jpg

I received a note from the company Magdalena Pociask Exclusive Rugs. He said that this rug was made of high quality leather and that it was not only attractive but a great material that will improve the health and longevity of your life.

I found this part of his note quite interesting so I thought I would share it with you.

“Wool helps with many diseases, kills bacteria, relieves pain. Neutralizes the negative effects of water veins and electromagnetic waves. Wool improves the psycho-physical condition of the body. The latest research shows that sheep’s fleece has properties effectively neutralizing the harmful substances in the air in enclosed spaces. Protects against electromagnetic waves.

Did you get all that. If this is true to its word boy I’m going to get a few more of these lovelies! LOL  I hope that I gave you something to think about today and I’ll let you know how it works out for me.

Sheep skin collage

((Hugs)) Jo

Thank you dear friends!

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