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Winter can be a really tough time for me.

 When it is snowing and the fire is lit and I’m sitting in my robe with a great cup of hot coco I am as happy as can be. But when the winter doldrums hit I can really feel miserable. That’s when I say “okay Jo it’s time to do something you enjoy that will change your attitude.” That’s when I start going through my crafting supplies to see what I can create. Then I start to feel much better, and I get a little giddy. LOL

Being that I am single and do not have a bow, Valentine’s Day is not one of the holidays that I really enjoy. But I do have family and they are my biggest love so I do some decorating.

This gives me a chance to use my newly reorganized work bench. Take a look.

BeFunky_C table.jpg

This is where I create. Under the curtain are rows of drawers that hold my crafting supplies. Since moving into this apartment I have had to be very creative with my space. To the far left of my work bench is my sitting room/TV room, on the right is my dinning area, and across from my work bench sits my hutch. Everything is compact and it will be that way until I have my own home again.

BeFunky_C table 1.jpg

As you can see I have hung my favorite saying, it helps me create. The top of my bench is made from a hollow core door, covered in vinyl. This gives me lots of room to create. The only item that I don’t have a home for is my sewing machine Molly, but someday I will, I love keeping her out, we have been friends for over 40 years.

BeFunky_C table 9.jpg

Everything on my bench has a double purpose, this basket not only holds my crochet thread but my lamp as well.

BeFunky_C table full.jpg

I had this book-case and ask my son if he would like it and he said “YES”. But if you snooze you loose, around me so now I use it on my work bench to hold craft items.

BeFunky_C table top.jpg

The top shelf holds many loving tools that were my Dad’s and an old sketch of Rome.

BeFunky_C table 6.jpg

The second self holds glitter and pencils. I’m a glitter horde so I have much more down under the curtain. These are my favorites.

BeFunky_C table 7.jpg

The bottom shelf has pens, scissors, thread and an old button tin and covered note books that I use a lot.

BeFunky_C table 8.jpg

These are more great notions that my Dad had, though the thread is quite brittle now I still like to look at it, it gives me inspiration.

BeFunky_C table glitter.jpg

Now I am ready to get to work on some of those Valentine projects that I have been wanting to do. One of the first ones will be with the new German Glitter that I bought. I can’t wait to share it with you.

In service of our country!

In service of our country!

Just have to give a pat on the back to my oldest son Adam who is a Master of Arms, Petty Officer in the US Navy, he was awarded the most outstanding sailor for the year of 2014 on his Naval base at Misawa-shi Japan.  I am really proud of all of his hard work and for serving his country with honor and dignity, and for his sweet wife and children that back him 100%. I love and miss them tons.

Until later stay warm and happy.

(( Warm Hugs))


10 thoughts on “Where Jo Works

  1. Jo, your space is just lovely! Love everything about it!! The items that once belonged to your dad are just precious. I too love glitter. Create away my friend! You are going to love that German glitter!! You have just got to hop over to my blog and share this with my link party, Share Your Cup Thursday!! He-he! Congrats to your son. Definitely an honor!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have an attic craft room too, although it’s a bit chilly up there at the moment! It was so good that you stopped by in Normandy on your hop around the GYB party, such a fab way to meet bloggers who share our interests. Your LOVE banner is delightful, BTW!


    • Thank you for visiting, it is great to have a few more visitors. I would love to have you follow my blog to new blogging friends are so fun to get to know, especially those that don’t live as close, it gives me a chance to visit through you. Thanx, Jo


  3. Anne, what a charming space to create! I love all your memory makers sprinkled throughout your daily supplies. That’s a great idea.

    And I so know what you mean… the long darker days of winter need a creative lift! Works for me too.

    HUGE congrats and a thank-you to your son! You must be one proud mom!

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  4. Thanx so much Donna for your comment. I feel so pleased that you would read my blog. You are my star. I would love it if you would follow me, I pretty sure that your inbox is full of us new bloggers. I adore your blog and your creativeness. Because of you I am inspired to keep blogging and someday I will make some money off of this. LOL XX Jo


  5. I always like seeing where other people create. Including your dad’s tools is special. I have buttons and sewing things from 3 grandmas in my studio. It’s the personal touches like these that make a room special. Hopefully, you will someday have a home where you can spread out a little more. It isn’t easy making do, but we can when we must. Best wishes.


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