More Lovely Ideas!

Good day everyone! I hope that you are surviving old man winter. We had blue skies for about half the day yesterday and It felt so wonderful. I just sat on the porch and let it all soak in while the grand children played in the sunshine.

I would like to give a special welcome to you that are coming from Vicki’s 2 bags full blog, and her wonderful party “Grow your Blog”. This is exactly the purpose of this great party for us new bloggers to grow. I would love to have you FOLLOW my blog on a full-time basis. This makes blogging worth while. There were days when I would send out a post and I know not a soul read it. Really frustrating right? My blog is growing a little at a time thanks to lovely bloggers like Vicki who are there to help us first timers.

Special thanks again to Vicki and 2 bags full.

On some of the past posts I have been showing you the changes that I have made in my home since Christmas. I totally took everything down from the walls, shelves, tables, cupboards . . . I’m pretty sure you get the picture, so here are some more rooms that I did changing in, I hope that through this post you will get excited and help beat winter doldrums by up doing your home, or some parts of it.

BeFunky_15 bath self.jpg

The bathroom got an up date. I have a sea-side theme going on here. My colors are all neutrals. With dove-gray paint white trim.

BeFunky_15 bath.jpg

I bought this lovely tin bucket to hold my magazines. Some days this is the only time I get to look through them. LOL The tile is dirty gray with throw rugs to match. The shower curtain looks just like a giant petticoat. I have a vintage hand stitched runner and baskets filled with sea shells on the back of the toilet.

BeFunky_15 toilet.jpg

I love these little pictures with the embroidery on them.

BeFunky_15 mermaid.jpg

Lovely lavender sits in a metal bucket with a pink mermaid who is soon to get a face lift. I wish that I could get a face lift that easily. LOL

BeFunky_15 towels.jpg

Last but not least I added some new lovely towels to freshen up the bathroom.

BeFunky_15 perfume.jpg

This area is where I keep my lovelies, it’s like a small room before you walk into the bathroom. I put anything that I don’t want my three-year old grand-daughter to get into on this shelf. She is really into PRETTIES right now. LOL I tore pages from an old book and then tied them on vases and jars with old string, it gives it a fun feel. The painting in the back ground was my first try of painting a tutu. I just can’t seem to through it out.

BeFunky_15 urn.jpgLavender is divine. Here is a fun little vignette with a cement urn full of pine cones, lovely lavender, and a place for cotton balls. A vintage linen cloth lies on top of the chest.

BeFunky_15 vanity area.jpg

This old blue chest is going to get a make over and I was thinking about putting some silver foil on it or a new paint job. What do you think? On top of the shelf is a vintage bag that I keep all of my make up in, nice and safe.

BeFunky_15 tray for perfume.jpg

Here is a fun little tray that you might enjoy making. I took and old picture frame and placed lace in it instead of a picture. It makes a nice place for my little antique Wind Song perfume bottle as well as other perfumes. I have made several other trays in all different sizes. Give it a try.

BeFunky_15 bed.jpgNow for my bedroom. This bed is going to get a very big up date soon, so I will have a big reveal coming up. The bed has a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic spread and matching pillows on it. I’ve had this for about five years and it washes up so beautifully, and it’s warm and comfy. I really love it. Oh course I trade it in and out with the seasons. So sorry about the pictures in this room it is very dark and I must have all the lights on so they glare some.

BeFunky_15 BR shelf.jpg

This shelf holds many of my vintage pretties. Can you tell that a man doesn’t live in this room! LOL I love the old romantic pictures in this little cupid is ready to make a match. Maybe he could make one for me! LOL

BeFunky_15 chest.jpg

At the end of my bed sits my pine cedar lined chest that I refinished in white. Some sheep skin and a white metal urn filled with buckles. The picture tied to the turquoise vase was a Mother’s Day card given to my grand mother. Next to it is a refurbished wine bottle that I did. I’ll have a post on those later on.

BeFunky_15 horse.jpg

On the other side of the chest top is a great old drawer filled with roses and shabby ribbon. An old metal horse door stop rides on top. The calf trophy was won by my Father in a calf roping event. I painted it white, I wonder what he would say if he were still here? Sorry Dad I just had to! LOL Covering the chest is a white burlap table runner that I made with old cotton sheet ruffles and tulle ruffles. I have more fun with old pieces of fabric.

BeFunky_15 dresser.jpg

This great piece is a family heirloom. I received it from an Aunt and she said that her husbands great-aunt brought it to Utah. If you take the drawers out you can see Victorian news paper that is dated 1865. I wish that I could display the paper but it is pretty stuck to the inside of the chest. At least it gives me some kind of idea how old it is. On top of the dresser I display some old family photos with a lovely linen table-cloth. This little dresser is going to get a make over. Any suggestions what I should do?

BeFunky_15 wedding.jpg

I put my lovely bakers tray in my bedroom. I have always loved the great patina that it has. A top is a manikin she wears a vintage bridal head-piece with a vintage cameo around her neck. In the crown is the head-piece that my Mom wore at her wedding, with the topper of a bride and groom that was on Mom and Dad’s wedding cake. Surrounds the crown a piece of sheep skin. An angel wing adds some softness to the display.

BeFunky_15 crown.jpg

Here is a little better view of it. I put twinkle lights on some of my vignettes during the winter it helps to perk me up.

BeFunky_15 jewlery b.jpg

My old jewelry box even got a few ruffles.  As you can see most of my colors are in the French Nordic tradition I really love the look.

French Nordic + Shabby Chic = Romantic Farmhouse.

BeFunky_15 lamp.jpg

I love wicker. Some designers say that it belongs outside, not so for me. It brings in texture and a little of the outdoors. One of my Capodimonte style lamps from Italy sits next to my bedside.

BeFunky_15 br shot.jpg

Above the harp chair are doilies that I made with my Grandmother when I was small. My hands are always busy.

I know that this post got a little lengthy but I really wanted to show you the fun ideas that I have. I hope you enjoyed my little tour today.

Please send shoot me some comments on what you think I should do on refinishing my chests. I would love to get your opinions.

More fun updos collage

Until next time . . .



22 thoughts on “More Lovely Ideas!

  1. Oh my but you are so creative and have such a knack at arranging pretty things together! I am now a follower as I need to learn your style tricks! You have a great blog!
    Hope you will follow preferablyprim too!


  2. Jo, you have so many lovely heirlooms. Love the memories that they evoke! I love wicker and lavender as well. I keep bits of Lavender out all year long. Are you going to paint your bed white? I did that to mine last year and have loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would never think to put the things together that you do. I wish I was that creative. I just love, love, love your look! I am so glad that I found your blog. I am getting so much inspiration! My hubby said it’s too “girlie” for him, so I’ll have to subdue the ruffles. lol I have a rather new blog too, and I know what you mean about writing and no one looks at it. I have a feeling that you will have a big following real soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You are so sweet Candy, I would love to see your blog, send me the info. I’m actually cutting down on the ruffle part of my decor , I want more of the French Nordic look not so much Shabby Chic. But it is fun and I love it. Have a great day. Hugs, Jo


  5. I love your vignettes and your individual character you have brought to them. I love ruffles so but my hubs is a no no on them :-{ and realize he lives here too. Your sense of style gives your home a very charming feel to it. I follow you through rss feed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hello Jo
    Well you really do have a flare for combining the shabby with the chic even though your direction is changing to
    French Nordic! Love that pretty manikin on your bakers stand. So pretty!

    There is so much charm to look at here and thanks for sharing it all with us Jo!
    Happy touring!
    PS Thanks for the lovely comment and I do hope you have been inspired. Show me what you create with your cards.


  7. My dear Jo, I am swooning right now! Everything is just divine! And that shower curtain…..gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beauty at Roses of Inspiration. Blessings to you!


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