A Old Screen Into Wall Art

It’s Monday my dear friends! I hope that everyone has had a beautiful weekend.

I have been busy this weekend with a few new projects and I can’t wait to share one with you, of course this was fun, easy and didn’t cost me much. These are my rules! LOL

BeFunky_Screen undone.jpg

I bought this great old screen a couple of weeks ago. Some times I set my finds in my home and look at them for a few days until the creative juices start to flow, that’s what I did with this one.

BeFunky_Screen full.jpg

Here is what I did. I cut the screen off of the frame then sanded it really good. I then painted on one coat of my favorite crackle (click above photo), I let it dry for about 30 minutes, then gave it a thin coat of white flat paint. I let this dry over night.

BeFunky_Screen curtain.jpg

I had this great old lace curtain piece that I decided to use on the screen.

BeFunky_Screen lace.jpg

I then cut and it to fit the screen, then stabled it on. Easy, RIGHT?!

Are you ready to see how it turned out? Here we go . . .

BeFunky_Screen wall center.jpg

I have a huge long wall that I needed to break up and this vintage screen worked out perfect. I was still able to add some of my favorite pieces to it.

BeFunky_Screen wall 1.jpg

I really love taking something that is old and discarded and making it beautiful and useful again. The screen adds a lot of character to the wall.

Screen collage

I hope that I have given you some inspiration to take something out of the ordinary and make into a loving part of your home. If anything you will have a great conversation piece. To me it is very fulfilling to work on a piece and then enjoy it.

See you soon!



27 thoughts on “A Old Screen Into Wall Art

  1. I love this!! I like projects that are quite cheap to create and yet look so incredible when they’re done. I wish I had room in my little sewing room for something like this.


  2. Lovely project, Jo. I’ve been meaning to spend some time poking around your blog, and I finally got a chance to do it today πŸ™‚ I had fun reading about your projects and plans. I’ll stay in better touch now that I’m a follower–


  3. What a great idea !! It looks wonderful ! I love your room πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your visit and your encouraging comment.
    Blessings to you,
    Wilma. Shabby Royale.


  4. I am so, so, so glad you shared this at Roses of Inspiration – I absolutely LOVE what you did with the screen door πŸ™‚ You are one clever lady. Hugs to you!


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