My Favorite Things Wednesday

Welcome dear friends!

I’m really excited to share with you today some of my favorite things. One of them is a great place to go Junk’n here in Bountiful, Utah. It’s called Lost and Found. Owned by Shirley and Rex.  You just can’t believe the things that they have in their shop.  Here’s a peek, don’t miss anything.

BeFunky_lost Shirley and Rex.jpgThis is Shirley and Rex, they are lovely down home people. always ready to help you and very knowledgeable about vintage and antique wares.

BeFunky_lost mirror.jpg

See the mirror on the back wall, I really want this.

BeFunky_lost chair.jpg

Want a challenge? This chair has great bones.

BeFunky_lost chest.jpgI love this chest,it is in pristine shape, if only I had a bigger home. Shirley and Rex have two huge levels full of finds. This is only one room. I could look and look and still not discover everything. In the basement there are boxes and boxes of things that have not been unpacked yet. I sure could help out! LOL

BeFunky_lost knobs.jpg

Look at these wonderful old glass door knobs. Found anything you want yet?

BeFunky_lost front.jpg

Rusty shovel and pitch fork, wooden boxes . . .  I really should have come home with more than I did. I’m really glad that they are close to my home.

BeFunky_lost trunk.jpg

I really have a good time when I visit Lost and Found I never leave empty-handed. I left with a car load. In my last post I showed you an old screen on my wall this is where I found it.

I have a wonderful surprise in the trunk of my car. The big reveal will be coming soon!

BeFunky_lost poetry.jpg

One of the beauties in life for me is reading. Caroline Kennedy has some books on poetry that I really enjoy and I read them to my grandchildren. The book on the left is poetry that her Mother and Father use to read to her and John as children.

BeFunky_lost kennedy.jpg

This tells just a little about what Caroline Kennedy has done for literacy in the school systems. I gave my Mother “She Walks in Beauty” for Mother’s Day last year, she has really enjoyed it, she’s also a huge Kennedy fan. Most of the poems in this book are about women, it is very beautifully done, quite a tribute to her mother.

I hope that you enjoyed some of my favorite things. See you soon!



18 thoughts on “My Favorite Things Wednesday

  1. Loved going along with you to this wonderful shop. How fun is that place. I will have to check into those poetry books. She walks in Beauty sounds really nice. Have a great day Jo.


  2. Oh Jo, I am putting this shop on my list of ‘must go’ to’s! Love that mirror and hope you bring it home some day. The trunk in your trunk, lol! looks fabulous!! Can’t wait to see!!


  3. Hi Jo,
    I wish I was closer…this shop looks like a junker’s delight! Thanks so much for taking us on the tour of it. I live in Maine but someday we may get to Utah in our camper so I’m putting this shop on my bucket list!
    Cheryl @ 22 Applegate lane


  4. Jo, I think you and I are drawn to the same things. I love all the things you pointed out. Caroline Kennedy is quite a woman. So much tragedy in her life, and she has handled it all so graciously. It’s a pleasure to see the lady that sweet little girl has become. Thanks for sharing. xxx ~ Nancy P.S. Can’t wait to see what you do with the piece in your trunk.


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