Junk n Finds

So glad that you have come to visit! I think that I have the greatest followers in blogville!  So welcome!

I want to share with you some of my Junk n finds and how I use them in my home as well as how I update them to match my decor.

BeFunky_junk redo.jpg

Here are a few of my finds, my main purpose shopping this time was to find white stoneware, and white dishes.

BeFunky_junk pitcher.jpg

I found this cut little pitcher but I was not big on the fruit painted on the front. But I knew that it would not be hard to change.

BeFunky_junk sm picture.jpg

WA LA ! Perfect!

BeFunky_junk iron stone 2.jpg

BeFunky_junk iron stone 1.jpg

BeFunky_junk iron stone.jpg

I could not believe my luck! I went into three different shops and came out with different pieces of white ironstone. I paid less than $20 for all three pieces! Perfect!

BeFunky_junk jesus.jpg

This is a beautiful statue of Jesus with children in his arms. I know what some of you are thinking, “why are you going to redo this piece?” Well I want to have an older patina on it and add just a little different look. I use this process on most of my painting re-do’s.

BeFunky_junk jesus 1.jpg

I painted the statue all over with a watered down brown paint.

BeFunky_junk jesus2.jpg

Then after it dries I paint a thin coat of crackle on it. Next a coat of flat white paint. Then I use small grit sand paper to wear down some of the edges. Sometimes I will use a different color undercoat for different effects.

BeFunky_junk mary 2.jpgBeFunky_junk mary 3.jpg

I really love the patina on this Madonna and child. She is perfect for my collection.


This lovely old pitcher use to be bright red, I am just not a red sort of gal. So I Sprayed it pink, well since I have been leaning towards French Nordic design I thought it was about time to change it.

BeFunky_junk large pitcher.jpg

Here is the new look. The texture on it could have not turned out more lovely.  I will need to keep these items away from water until I spray them with a water proof finish.

Oh, remember my last post when I gave you a peek of a find that was hanging out of the trunk of my car?

BeFunky_junk sneak peek.jpg

Well, here is another little peek, come back on Monday to see the big reveal!

Have a great weekend!



23 thoughts on “Junk n Finds

  1. I’m smiling Jo, because in reading this and seeing the photos I can just feel the fun you’ve had transforming these pieces. You scored some nice white ironstone articles, too. Well done! xxx ~ Nancy


  2. You really know how to go junkin’! I love how you painted that pitcher. I have some pieces her in my home that could use that treatment. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again next week. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai


  3. I am soooo glad I checked out your blog because I was thinking of painting some dishes with white latex paint and now i’m going to for sure, I like the way it transformed your pitcher with the flowers on it


  4. You really have a knack of transforming things. I really love your technique. Great finds on the ironstone. I rarely find any, but last weekend I found a boxful. No pitchers, butlots of plates and cups. I was thrilled! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


  5. This is the 1st time I’ve visited your blog. I’m not a blogger but I do love visiting you talented gals. I couldn’t believe what you did in this post. You just up and painted that pitcher?! You can do that?! I love to redo and repurpose but I had no idea you could just up and paint something like that. Oh the possibilities…….right in my basement. I’m so excited. Just signed up for your blog. Looking forward to future visits.


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