Humble Farmhouses

I’m so glad that I am back with you dear friends. My surgery went well and I am healing. Thank you for all your many kind notes, I know that this helps with the healing process.

Today I want to share with you my darling neighborhood. I live in an old pioneer town just north of Salt Lake City. The area that I live in is divided into 4 small towns all designed by the great city planner Brigham Young.  The streets are very straight and organized and it is very easy to navigate around and find your destination.

BeFunky_old homes.jpg

I have taken pictures of some of the great old farm houses in the area. This area was designed not only for farming but because of the mountainous area they grew fruit trees.  When I was a little girl my mother would bring the family here to pick up fresh fruit to bottle. There were many great road side stands, so sad to say they are not here today because of new building.

Here is a lovely cottage with its rock wall.

BeFunky_old homes 1.jpg

Here is a side shot. As you can see towards the back of the home they have added onto it to make the small little home bigger. The yards don’t look so great because it winter time .

BeFunky_old homes 5.jpg

I love this home with all of the stone work. To bad it was garbage day!

BeFunky_old homes door.jpg

Here is a close up of the front door. Click on the picture for more info.

BeFunky_old homes 2.jpg

This little sweet cottage is so darling with its white picket fence and darling little windows.

BeFunky_old homes back.jpg

This old farmhouse is simply gorgeous. It sits on a corner and is surrounded by a beautiful stone wall (which made it very hard to get pictures of).

BeFunky_old homes 9.jpg

Here is the entrance to the farmhouse. The landscaping is beautiful complete with brick pathways.

BeFunky_old homes 6.jpg

There is an addition on the left side of the home.

BeFunky_old homes 0.jpg

ld homes 10

This beautiful farmhouse was built shortly after the area was settled in 1875. You can read more about it, click on photo above for more information.

I love cursing around looking at these beautiful old homes and wondering what it would have been like to live in one of them in the late 1800’s.  There are so many other old homes that I will share with you in a later date. My dream is to someday own one of these home. I hoped you enjoyed my little tour.

Have a great new week!

((Warm Hugs))


18 thoughts on “Humble Farmhouses

  1. Hi Jo,
    I loved this tour today. Those cottages are gorgeous. I too like to look at old homes like this and think of what life would have been like to live in them years ago. Love all the stone work. So beautiful. Have a great start to the new week ahead.


  2. I glad that your surgery went well and that you are healing nicely! I love the stone and iron work around the home(s) that you shared in this post! There is not much of that type of beauty here in the desert southwest! Blessings, Cindy


    • Most of the stone came from the canyons here in Utah so I pretty sure that those in the southwest would not have had that opportunity to have this. I’m sure you have many other beautiful things that the pioneers used there that is just as beautiful for your area. Thanx for visiting. Jo


  3. So glad you’re healing well, Jo. We want you 100% yourself! 🙂 Okay, these homes are wonderful. You had me at “stone”. Whether it’s a wall, a sweet cottage or a gorgeous farmhouse, stone does it for me. Everything you showed is beautiful. Thanks for bringing them to us. A stone cottage is my ultimate fantasy. Just sayin’. Hugs, Nancy


  4. Jo, I love these old homes! There are quite a few here in Alpine and in my home town of Pleasant Grove. I often drive the back roads just to see them. Lehi has a lot as well. Would love to live in one, but hubby doesn’t like the upkeep of an old home. Rewiring , plumbing and such. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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