Up Dating a Dress Form

Burrrrrrrrrr . . . How is everyone handling the Winter weather? We have finally had some snow in my neck of the woods and it is cold! I was just sitting here in my big pink chair and the power went off, it was black! But the power guys had it up and running in a matter of minutes. Thank you Utah Power and Light. I hope that you are all warm and cozy and thinking Spring thoughts which is not to far away. One thing about late storms is we know that they will not last very long.

One of my latest projects was to start to work with chalk paint. I have never used this before I have always used a flat interior paint and I wanted to see the difference.

BeFunky_dress 0.jpg

Here is my first project, I thought that I would start with something small and then work up. The dress form is beautiful in its self but I feel that it just is to busy for my decor. The dress form has a burlap outer layer so that is what I will be painting.

BeFunky_dress 2.jpg

If you ever decide to paint over burlap make sure that you use an old brush it is pretty tough on the bristles. Because of the dark brown lettering on it I gave the form one coat of base coat. I started with a cream color of chalky paint but it absorbed it so quickly that I couldn’t spread it around. So I went back to the flat white paint and a little water and this made it easier to spread. I put two coats of white interior flat paint on it. So much for my chalky paint experience.

BeFunky_dress 1.jpg

She really did turn out pretty with lots of great patina. I let her dry over night. Then it was time to dress the pretty lady.

BeFunky_dress .jpg

BeFunky_dress 5.jpg

BeFunky_dress 3.jpg

Here she stand so beautifully dressed.

BeFunky_dress 4.jpg

and standing by my other dress form. I really love the look. I am looking for a dress form that does not have a pedestal to go with these two. They look rather regal standing next to each other.

BeFunky_dress 6.jpg

One of my next projects is to paint this beautiful vintage chair. But I really need some advice from you! The pink is just to stark for me and I want to pull my sitting area together, all of my big pieces of furniture are of a different color. Dumb right? I was thinking of taking the back fabric off the chair and letting the natural part show, then chalk paint  and wax the front of the chair and add a pretty new cushion cover. But what color? Do I go dark on the trim and paint it white or should I leave the trim in white and do a cream or linen color? Please help me. I really don’t want to mess up with this chair.

Have a great day! Until later!

((Warm Hugs))


22 thoughts on “Up Dating a Dress Form

  1. Love your dress form paint re love. She looks beautiful. Good luck with the chair. I only chalk painted a chair once and it came out ok but I did not like the feel the paint gave the fabric so I have never done another one. Did you think about maybe doing a slipcover?


  2. ❤ it! I have 3 dress forms but my favorite is my antique Steampunk'd wasp waist. I adorned her with iron wings, aviator goggles, old pocket watch and a old key


  3. Jo she turned out really pretty. I would not have thought to paint her, but I like the results! Love the chair and I definitely would not mess with the wood. I love it as is! In fact I like the entire chair, but if you must paint I would go white or cream. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


  4. Love what you did with the dress form, really shows off what you dress them with even more. The chair looks great to me the way it is right now, so I have no suggestions but I am sure whatever you do it will be terrific!


  5. Hi sweetJo! First of all, I must apologize for just now getting around to visit your lovely blog. I have been dealing with computer issues for the last 4 days. Thankfully everything seems to be back to normal….whatever “normal” is with computers 🙂

    That chair….stunning! I look forward to seeing what you do with is 🙂 I know you will make it look perfect. Also, your dress form turned out beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing with Roses of Inspiration – I truly appreciate it!


  6. Hi Jo! The dress form turned out great. I thought it looked good before, too. But understand how you wanted to tone down the “busyness”. Now she looks perfect with her pretty accessories. That chair is fabulous! Oh my word, Jo, it’s just beautiful as it is. You mentioned wanting to pull together your room, which has furniture of different colors. I’m curious to see what you’re talking about. My first thought is to start with that gorgeous chair and bring all the other pieces along to work with it. Is the seat in bad shape? Is that why you’re wanting to give it a new cushion? Oh, I have all sorts of ideas rambling around in my brain right now. Wish I was standing in your room so I could get the whole picture. XO Nancy


    • Hi Nancy, I wish you were here to. The problem with the chair is that the fabric is falling apart. I’ve been thinking about have it recovered but that’s just not in my budget and I’m not sure of myself enough to do it myself. But I’ve decided not to paint it Iv’e been told that it’s uncomfortable. I like the wood trim so I don’t want to put a slipcover on it. But I think that’s what I will end up doing at a later date. She is just old and I love her for it. She lets me sit and watch TV and do hand work, like a old friend. Thanks for your advice. Hugs, Jo


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