Painting Artificial Flowers

Welcome dear blogging friends! I hope that you all had a glorious weekend. Today I want to share with you my experience with painting artificial flowers. I’ve seen this done several times before and the results seemed to look beautiful. I have a stash of worn out artificial flowers that I just can’t seem to through out. I really am not a hoarder but I really thought that I might be able to use them in something and sure enough this project was just perfect.

BeFunky_painted before .jpg

These were dollar store finds so I thought that if this doesn’t work out I’m not really out too much. The paint that I chose was an old bucket of light pink latex in satin. I first tried a semi gloss in lavender and the paint just slide right off the petals. I didn’t want to use any of my really good chalk paints because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. But I wish I had.

BeFunky_painted box.jpg

Now if you really like to get your hands messy then this is the project for you. First of all I took a small box and stuck some small holes in it, so I could put the dipped flowers on it to  dry. I placed wax paper on top so that they didn’t stick to the box. You could use just about anything even a good piece of Styrofoam would work to set them on.

BeFunky_painted dip.jpg

I dipped one flower at a time into the paint and swished it around, then knocked the flower on the sides to get a lot of the paint off. It will be really drippy so wait a minute. If you are impatient like I am you can put it in the holder and let it drip all over. But I put plenty of wax paper down to catch the drips.

BeFunky_painted drying.jpg

It takes about six hours to dry.

BeFunky_ painted flowers 0.jpg

All in all they turned out pretty nice. I think that if I had used a flat paint or a chalk paint the flowers would have had a nicer patina on them, but I really like the way look. A pretty dusty pink.

BeFunky_painted flowers 1.jpg


BeFunky_painted flowers bird cage.jpg

I put these sweet flowers in my bird-cage with a small piece of pottery that I purchased when I was in Charleston SC a couple of years ago, I was visiting my Navy Son and his family. Now it has something perfect to hold.

Painting flowers collage

I had fun up doing these old flowers and then finding some place for them to go. Have any of you tried this before? If you have or if you do try it I would love to hear how it turned out. Have a lovely day!



24 thoughts on “Painting Artificial Flowers

  1. This is fabulous, Jo! I would enjoy doing something like this. Next time I’m at Hobby Lobby I will have to pick up the needed supplies. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creativity. Hugs!


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