Living Large in Small Places – from A Joyful Cottage

I am at A Joyful today. Nancy has a monthly series called A Joyful Cottage HeaderLiving Large in Small Spaces”. Drop on by!

Welcome everyone to my humble home and a special “Thank You” to my sweet blogging friend Nancy for letting me show you a peak of my small home. Nancy is such a beautiful person and a dear blogging friend. I met her last fall as we were visiting each others blogs. She always has something kind to say that perks me up right away.

I am Joanne Boulter from the blog Anne’s Attic – design blog. I live in Bountiful Utah USA. I have four children a daughter Candice, and three sons Adam, Dane and Nathan and eleven grandchildren. Besides family and my faith, interior design is my love.

I have an interesting arrangement as far as housing is concerned. I live in a darling basement apartment below my youngest son, Nathan, wife, Jordanne, and four children. Kingston 7, Boston 5, Juliette almost 4, and Izabella almost one. entrance

Six years ago I went through a divorce after 35 years of marriage. I found myself empty nested, and suffering from an illness that did not allow me to work outside of the house. This was the first time that I had ever lived by myself and I found that I didn’t like it at all. I raised a daughter and three sons, I was use to living in a large home with a large yard that I really enjoyed taking care of. One day my third son Dane called and said “start packing we are moving you to Nathan’s house”. He didn’t even give me a chance to say no. I was concerned about being in the way . . . you know all of those kind of things, but it has turned out to be a great blessing in the lives of all of us and I have done a lot of healing since I have been here. What’s more healing than four little ones with their arms around your neck?


My day job is tending these four darling grandchildren every day while mom works. I have a yard to dig in and a small home to decorate.

Basement entrance

Basement entrance

Here is my front door, or you could say basement entrance. I have a full kitchen that is light and beautiful. Behind the curtain are shelves for storage. That’s the only storage that I have. I have learned that I really don’t need a lot of extra things.

BeFunky_N from kitchen.jpg

Standing at the front door you can see to the very end of my home. I was really lucky because the apartment had a total cottage feel to it before I moved in. It’s totally painted in a light dove-gray with white trim. Gray carpet and dark gray tile in the kitchen and bathroom. I love the large bar in the kitchen, perfect for little grandchildren.

Kitchen with lighted cabinets.

Kitchen with lighted cabinets.

I have lots of counter space for baking and playing games with the grandchildren. I love the lighting in the cabinets.

Range and refrigerator

Range and refrigerator

 BeFunky_N bath entrance.jpg

Just off to the right of the kitchen is a little through way to the bathroom. I have shelves there for sheets, towels and beauty aids.



Here is my cute little bathroom. I really like the pedestal sink.

BeFunky_N bathroom 1.jpg

Pretty and frilly.

BeFunky_N bath roses.jpg

I have everything that I need in this sweet little bathroom. The shower is huge. The only thing I miss sometimes is a tub but it will do for now.

Dining area

Dining area

As you walk out of the kitchen you come into the dinning area. I have a small antique farm table and chairs.

BeFunky_N back dinning.jpg

This gives me room for dinning with friends and family. The cabinet above the table is antique, I hung it as is. So perfect with my white stoneware.

BeFunky_N hutch 1.jpg

Across from the dinning area I have a sweet little hutch, it gives me the extra storage that I so badly need.

BeFunky_N bunny chair.jpg

Most of the things that I have in my home are second-hand. I love the challenge of redoing something that no one else loves anymore. Even my dishes and utensils are second-hand. If a dish gets broke I’m only out a few pennies. I want people to feel comfortable when they come to visit and not to have to worry about breaking something or messing things up. With four grandchildren running in and out I can’t be worried about it all the time.

BeFunky_N white chair.jpg

I had a friend ask me what interior design style I had,  I thought for a minute then said

“50% French Nordic 50% Shabby Chic = 100% Romantic Farmhouse.”

BeFunky_N work all.jpg

Next to my dinning area is my work bench. This is where I do all of my projects. It’s made out of a hollow core door and two small book cases. Behind the curtain are drawers of supplies.

Where I create

Where I create

BeFunky_N workbench side.jpg

This little work bench really does a great job!

BeFunky_N from living area.jpg

This is a look standing from the end of the sitting room clear through to the kitchen.

BeFunky_N chest 2.jpg

This little chest sits behind my futon. I had to sale my beautiful white tufted sofa because we couldn’t get it through the door. I had to have something that we could put together once we got it inside.

BeFunky_N couch.jpg

N sitting room

The sitting area is just the right size and I even have a fireplace. It is very cozy.

BeFunky_N roses.jpg

N bookcase

BeFunky_N wash room door.jpg

Right off the sitting area is my bedroom, the other door that you see is the family laundry room. I keep everything neat and tidy. This keeps me from tripping all over things in such a small space.

BeFunky_N bed pillows.jpg

My bedroom is big enough for a queen size bed with night stand, a couple of small chests and a chair.

N bed chest

N bed mary

BeFunky_N bedroom.jpg

Off to the left of the butler’s table I have a huge walk in closet. I am perfectly happy in my tiny space, but you never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball and send you somewhere else. I am very blessed to hear little feet pattering all over upstairs, and little ones jumping in bed with me for a good night story.

BeFunky_N bits & bobs.jpg

That’s the bit and bobs of it all!

Thank you for visiting. Hugs, Jo

I would love to have you visit me at my blog. (Click below)

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48 thoughts on “Living Large in Small Places – from A Joyful Cottage

  1. Jo,
    I love your sweet little cottage. You have done well with the space and love how you have surrounded it with the things you love. It is so cute in there. It was fun to see it all in one post. Very sweet. I know you have been through a rough time and I am so happy you could carve out this space for yourself and still be with your family for healing. What a beautiful story of love.
    I am hopping over to Nancy’s to see it there too.


  2. Dear Jo … you have such a sweet and charming little home. I love your cute farmhouse table and chairs. We have a humble little cottage that we have lived in all of our married years. I love the warmth and cosiness of small space living. Blessings for your weekend. ♥ Teri


  3. Hi Jo! Congrats on the feature–your home is just lovely. I want your shower curtain–so pretty and frilly. I’m jealous because not only is your work area attractive, but you have room to work there. I’m too embarrassed to show a picture of mine 🙂 BTW, your new header is wonderful–love it!


  4. Hi Jo,
    I so enjoyed the tour of your home over at Nancy’s! You have worked miracles in a small space. I honestly think the 2 of you should come visit me! This is the first time I’ve lived in such a small apt and having difficulty placing furniture, etc. I’ve downsized sooooo much and that’s ok. I don’t need a lot of “stuff” at this time in my life and it feels a lot lighter.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely home! I’m a new follower and look forward to getting to know you. Stop by and say hi when you can!



    • Yeah! I’m so glad that you are following. I would love to come visit you! Before my divorce I lived in a three story home, and boy I really had to down size. Most of the furniture that I have now is all second hand but new to me. It was nice to refresh and do something really different. Have a awesome weekend! Hugs, Jo


  5. Thank you for the wonderful tour! Your place looks so inviting and cozy. I love the bunny cookie jar-is it an antique? I, also, love the idea of your workbench made with the door and book shelves; great storage idea for either side. I may have to try that! You are so lucky to have wonderful children who made sure you would be okay after your divorce and to have the grandchildren to care for. They are lucky to have a grandma as you, too. Of course, you have your faith and the blessings that come with that. Have a great start of spring!


  6. You have a wonderful home. I love your bathroom and those gorgeous dried roses in the basket. You have certainly made a welcoming home for yourself and a joy for your grandchildren, I know they have fun with you with your energy, making things fun and doing crafts. I watch my two grand’s who are 1 and 3, a handful and glad to be able to do it.


  7. I love your home. So warm and it just speaks to my heart. Enjoyed the tour and I also enjoy your blog. God is good! To everything there is a time. I understand the valley of divorce, been there, done that and God has provided wonderfully for me. I am glad you have such a lovely family. Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven with us.
    Hugs and blessings from Texas


  8. I saw your post over on Joyful Cottage — thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven with us. It looks like you have a wonderful nest — all the things you love surrounded by people you love. Love your personality shining throughout your apartment. Blessings to you!


  9. You are proof that living in a small space can be absolutely perfect! You have organized and decorated your place so beautifully. Thank you for having us in for a visit!


  10. Jo, I love this series that Nancy has been doing. Your sweet home is the perfect fit! Love every inch of it. You have made it so warm and cozy and I love all of the vintage touches. Still drooling over that cabinet you found recently! Congrats on the feature.


  11. Jo– your little cottage design is truly picture perfect– so charming and comfy. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos– I could be deliriously happy there:)


  12. I loved the tour of your sweet cottage home! It’s filled with such loveliness. I am inspired how you created a warm and comfy space, which also fills all you needs. Just lovely!


  13. I just read the post about your place over at Joyful Cottage. Everything is just lovely and so organized. I love the story too. The solution for you and your lucky grandchildren, having their grandmother be the caretaker during the day and close by at the other times. 🙂


  14. Just Lovely. Your space is beautiful and has everything a person could need. I have downsized and live in a smaller space and I just love it. Less stuff is so freeing. Thank you for sharing and Have a Fabulous Day! #Rose of Inspiration


  15. Hi sweet Jo! You have an incredibly beautiful and charming home! What a joy to be a guest over at Nancy’s blog…she is a sweetheart!

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. May you have a blessed Easter! Hugs!


  16. What a wonderful home you have to enjoy! A lovely space. Thank you for share it and a bit about yourself with us over at Nancy’s.

    I hope your days ahead are full of sunshine! Bless you.

    Happy Easter!




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