Good day to all of my sweet blogging friends. Last week I caught the bug that was going around, now this week it has turned into pneumonia. I usually end up in the hospital when this happens but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

1st pillow

Right now all I want to do is lay my head on a nice soft pillow. I will be getting back to blogging as soon as I fill better.

chalk joy

Just a little message for you from me.



36 thoughts on “Pneumonia

  1. Oh, Anne….sorry to hear this. I have never heard of so many people having pneumonia as I have this year. Our son had it and so many blogging friends! I hope you feel better soon and don’t have to be admitted…although if you do, it’s where you should be to recover. YOu just keep your head on your lovely pillows. 🙂


  2. Hi Jo,
    This is so serious so please take care of yourself. I am sorry you are down right now. Sending healing hugs your way.


  3. Hoping you will be good as new soon! Just look at the lovely surroundings you have created and it should make you feel better!


  4. Sending prayers Jo! Have dealt with that several times and I’m believing, for you, that you get better and don’t have to make a trip to the ER. Blessings, Cindy


  5. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well, and will certainly pray that the bug goes away, and the pneumonia never pokes its ugly head up! Your quote is very inspirational, and I pray that today you are feeling much better!


  6. Oh my sweetie, not good to hear! I hope you are on the road to recovery and didn’t end up in the hospital! You will be in my prayers!


  7. Rest, Rest, Rest, and more rest. Even when you feel better. I had this and was in bed for 5 days and also had a antibiotic so I didnt need hospitalization. Take Care of you.


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