Antique Sofa and Chair

Hi my dear friends! It’s good to be back! I have a great story to share with you today one that really touched my heart-strings in more than one way.

One day last week I was with my daughter in law and grands coming home from having a great lunch with my Mom and brother. We had a great time and talked and laughed a lot. My Mom is fun company and keeps us all entertained she is 85 and still acts like a teenager. lol As we were driving home I spied some great old furniture, it was one of those moments when you know you just have to stop. My sweet DIL turned the car right around, (she knows my love of vintage objects).

As we pulled into the home my heart started to pound. The home was an old farmhouse built-in 1824.  My heart was going pitter patter from the thrill of it all. I don’t get out much! lol

Bolton house

There are quite a few of these types of old farmhouses in the Bountiful, Utah area where I live, but for some reason I had never noticed this one, it was off the main road a bit. We looked at the furniture that they had for sale off to the side of the farmhouse. I could not believe my luck (I call it something else karma) Blessing! There were several pieces that they had up for sale and the two that I was interested in was the vintage sofa and chair. They were asking $200.00 for it. I couldn’t believe it and I also couldn’t believe that I didn’t get paid for two days! lol This would be a stretch for my budget. Now one thing about the furniture I knew that I would have to reupholster it. YIKES! I have done some really small projects but never anything like this.

Boulton window

I should let you know that the women who owned this sweet farm and house had just passed and her family was trying to sort through her things and get everything ready to sale. I just had to walk around the place and take a few photos. I’m totally getting off track here, I get so excited. I took the phone number down that was on a sign by the furniture and gave it a ring. A sweet lady picked up and we talked, I ask her what was the least she would take for the furniture and she said $125.00. My lucky day! Blessing! I told her that I didn’t get paid for a couple of days but I would love to have the furniture.

Boulton sign

She said that it wouldn’t be a problem. Hurrah for me! Blessing! The next day she called me making sure that I really wanted the furniture, she had several offers since I had left that day that would give her cash on the spot as well as the asking price.

Boulton front door

I told her that I felt like I was putting her on the spot and that maybe she should go a head and sale it.  She ask me to give her my word that I would buy it. I did but with a heavy heart because I don’t like to put people out. I found out later that she had been burned with the sale of some of the other items and just wanted to make sure.

As I went to bed the night before I felt like the next day was Christmas! This furniture is just what I have wanted in my home for a long long time. I knew that it would be a lot of work though, but it would be something that I would enjoy for years to come.

Boulton stag

You can’t believe how giddy I was to go get the furniture. I was on a high the morning I went to pick it up. My son lent me his Tahoe and I was on my own to get  all of the furniture home. As usual. I said a little prayer before I left home that I might be able to lift the furniture into the Tahoe. I knew that the lady would not be able to help me because she said that she had MS and so did one of her two sisters, she said that her sister that did not have MS was a RN and that she took care of the family.

Boulton twin

As I pulled into the farmhouse I saw a sweet little stag eating apples in their orchard, then I saw his little friend which turns out that they are twins! Blessing! They were born on the farm last Spring. I loved how they posed for me. There was also their mom and little fawn that was born there this Spring. They were to shy t let me get a picture of them. The deer family lives in the old barns on the property. If you take a good look at the back ground of this picture you can tell that the farm is surrounded by businesses. Kind of sad. 😦

The lady was there to meet me, she also brought her sis that is the RN to help me lift the furniture! Blessing!  I was going to have to make two trips but the RN said that she had her pickup truck right down the street and would haul it home for me, which she did.  Blessing! Angels are really every where.

Boulton chair

Here is the chair with my sweet little Juliette posing for me. You gotta love those cherry red lips. Blessing! The furniture has great bones but the upholstery had to go.

Boulton sofa

Here is the sofa. Can you see why I was so excited! I have stripped the chair so far and have found out that it had been recovered several times. It also was stuffed with horse hair, something that they used years ago for upholstery. For being over a hundred years old I thought it was pretty great great deal.

That’s my story. I think that blessings come in very unusual ways. I am blessed quite often like this. I would love to have some feed back on what you think I should reupholster it with. I am thinking of along the lines of old feed bags. What do you think?

Before I close I just want to share with you one more blessing . . .

Stephanie Collage

On a very unexpected day a package arrived in the mail. It was one of those days that I was not well and feeling rather blue. I felt over whelmed by love as I opened the envelope. Inside were several smaller packages full off darling tags, a sweet pouch of lavender, and two beautifully handmade sewn coasters in the shape of tea cups with a lovely handmade card from my dear friend Stephanie from The Enchanted Rose. If you know Stephanie then you will know what an amazing lady she is, and if you don’t take time to meet her and see her amazing blog and Etsy shop. Blessing!

Thank you Stephanie for being a dear blogging friend!

Enjoy your weekend!

water mark Jo

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43 thoughts on “Antique Sofa and Chair

  1. What a lovely post. I’m so glad the lady had the integrity to hold the furniture, but I know many people don’t mind leaving others in the lurch. It restores my faith In the goodness of people thanks -Paula


  2. Jo the chair and sofa are gorgeous and Miss Juilette is adorable. Are you planning to change the wood finish? I think the chair and sofa would look very chic if the sides and back were upholstered in a different fabric than the inside seating area, that would add contrast and interest. The stone farm house does look storybook and I enjoyed your post and the photos went perfectly with the words.
    Your friend graced your day with lovely gifts.


    • Vera, I love seeing your comments. Your idea is amazing about the different fabric, I’ll have to see what my options are. I am going to paint the wood trim I have already ordered the paint now just have to decide on the fabric. Enjoy your weekend dear friend. Hugs, Jo


  3. I love your finds, so glad that she kept the set for you and you were able to get them home. I would just make sure that the fabric or sacks that you choose is soft and comfortable. I’m sure that whatever you do, it will be great! Nice happy mail, adorable Juliette! Blessings, Cindy


  4. Love, love, love the sofa and chair, and it makes little Juliette look like she is in a fairy tale! The curvy lines fabulous! Re-doing them sounds like a big job, but I am sure you will make them look special with your creative touches.
    Glad you are back; I missed your postings-it’s like my morning coffee, and inspiration is always a great way to start the day.


  5. Jo,
    That sofa oh my gosh how beautiful. Love the chair too but that sofa what a great find. I know you will re love it so beautifully.


  6. I love your new furniture! I like the ladies idea of contrasting fabrics. No matter what you decide it will be gorgeous. I love the little sweetie sitting in the chair. Hugs,


  7. Jo, first I want to say that you must be feeling better and I’m glad! You certainly were blessed when you found that beautiful furniture. Juliette looks perfect sitting in that chair. Love her boots!! I like your ideas for re-covering.Think that would look so smart. My parlor set was covered in silk and horse hair. I couldn’t do the upholstery myself and it was expensive but worth it. My blessing would have been enough to just see that beautiful old house so you were doubly blessed…Happy Thursday..Judy


  8. It’s a beauty Jo! I know it’s going to be so pretty in your home!!! I love the house you found it at.
    The folks truly knew how to build them in those days. I sure wish a person could find builders
    that would do this great of a job and have the loveliness and character the houses which we built
    by the early settlers there. You find houses like this all over south eastern Idaho where the saints came up to settle. I love them!
    sending hugs…


  9. Well I would say that your new furniture was one of those ‘meant to be’ things. Talk about a great deal!! Now I can’t wait for the grand unveil of what you do with them!! The deer photos were a lovely bonus today too.


  10. gorgeous just gorgeous and that farm my i would have been giddy also/ and i am glad that you save the old furniture and will do a lovely job with them xx


  11. Jo, I’m so happy for you! The furniture is gorgeous and yes you were/are blessed, and yes, feed bags could look awesome (if not too hard to work with for their thickness. If so, then maybe a nice, heavy linen). What a nice gesture for the sister to help you get it home too. Can’t wait to see what you do with these pieces. Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Rita, I want the effect of the feed bags but the fabric will be new, comfortable and durable. This is a new fun adventure and I am doing it out side so I had better get a moving on pulling all of those thousands of staples!
      Have a marvelous weekend yourself.


  12. What fabulous lines these pieces have, and I especially love the chair! Just gorgeous!

    One thing I couldn’t help but note was how different the people in your area are. For starters, no one here (northeast) would agree to hold furniture without at least a deposit, and certainly if someone came along offering full price in cash they would take it. We got burned when we had our moving sale. We took a small deposit of $50 for an armoire but the person never came back to pick it up and we could have sold it many times over. And the kicker? We ended up having to pay a company to take it and their workers stole about a five thousand dollars from us and all our important papers such as passports, birth certificates, etc. (there was a lock box under the armoire we forgot about and it was gone when they left. Long story).

    I like the feed bag idea, but it might be difficult to work with. Maybe you could also consider mixing patterns. I’ve seen that done and it’s so interesting when done correctly. Good luck!


    • Hi Sweetie, I am so sad to hear about your bad experience. I have found that most people in Utah are really good to work with and honest.

      Regarding the feed bag material it will be NEW fabric, it has to be durable and soft, but yet give me the look I want. I have seen to two tone fabric and love it, I have even seen nothing on the backs just all natural look. I will be painting the trim in a lighter color to. It will be interesting when I go to buy the fabric and see what I come with. It may be totally different.

      Enjoy your weekend. Jo


  13. What a great story! I loved that farmhouse. It was so charming. The furniture is going to look great once it’s wearing new clothes! LOL! I can’t get over how little you had to pay for both pieces. I do believe it was karma for you to find those.


  14. Anne, what a tease you are you lucky duck! Making me wait all the way to the end of the post to see the furniture! But it was well worth the wait, the set it gorgeous, and what a deal. That blessing was meant for you!


  15. Jo, I absolutely love the furniture and yes; angels were definitely singing for you my friend! The farmhouse sounds wonderful and love that deer live in the barn. Feed sack would look amazing, but may not be the most comfortable. I could also see a funky patchwork. Can’t wait to see what you do! Juliette is so cute and looks right at home in that chair! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


    • Thanks Jann, I always love your comments. I’ve been working on the sofa all day and it has 4 sets of covers and millions of staples and tacks. What have I got myself into? lol I hope to see you next week at Trina’s. Have a wonderful Sabbath day. Hugs, Jo


  16. Your sweet Juliette looks like a princess sitting on her throne. You were sure in the right place at the right time. What a great deal. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


  17. Oh sweet friend, you are a gem! I am just now making my rounds to visit and what a surprise to read this post 🙂 You are precious, you know!

    The sofa and chair, oh my! What a delightful find! I can’t wait to see when everything is finished! What fun, my friend. Thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful and blessed week! Thank you for sharing this with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you’re able to join us again this week. Hugs and blessings!


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