An Old Fashion Christmas

I sure hope that you are all enjoying our Creative Christmas linky party. It has been so fun to see all of the beautifully decorated homes. So many have gone to great lengths to share their beautiful home decor with you.

To me an old fashion Christmas is a Christmas that my parents had when they were children. They lived in an area where they could walk back and forth at night from the ice skating rink and not feel the threat of any harm.

Tour book santa

A Christmas where life was a lot simpler. An orange and a candy cane were much appreciated for gifts from Santa. The true meaning of Christmas was found through reading the story of Jesus’ birth and singing Christmas carols and visiting those that were less fortunate than them.

To me that is the true meaning of Christmas.

Tour tree ornaments

Today Jann from Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson is hosting an Old Fashion Christmas. Stop by and see her amazing Christmas decor.


Next week join us for another great Christmas tour with some new blogging decor.

Tidings Holiday House Walk

Have an amazing Christmas season.

Hugs, Jo

22 thoughts on “An Old Fashion Christmas

  1. I too love an old fashion Christmas. One when the true spirit of the season is celebrated and remembered. It’s really not about the gifts but the love and being together with family and friends. Thank you for sharing and have fun in the tours this week. It’s a busy time but so inspiring. Merry Christmas xo


  2. Oh I can remember a time in my childhood where I would walk home through an apple orchard coming home from the cardinal. Never fearing of being abducted.
    I can remember a time also where there was no fear of playing outside at night by myself
    I am so happy I got to experience those times since they are gone forever.
    Your vignette is so peaceful


  3. You are my kind of lady. This week I too have titled my post old fashioned Christmas. I felt it was time to look back a bit and remember the old days when things were a bit simpler and we didn’t have to mortgage our houses in order to celebrate. I decorated with only recycled or repurposed items. Anyway I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.


  4. “An orange and a candy cane were much appreciated for gifts from Santa.” Jo, I agree. I wish Christmas was still like the old days. Maybe, I would enjoy it more. Hugs!


    • Hi Cindy, I agree with you that Christmas sure has changed. When I was new mother I wanted a large family and I knew that Christmases would have to small. It didb’t hurt my children at all to learn to share and not receive a lot of things. We had great Christmases. It sure isn’t the things that make it, when I ask my kids what made their Christmases special they will say enjoying family and friends. They hardly remember what they got. ss Jo


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