So Many Projects!

Welcome Friends!  Life is busier for me than it was during the holidays, but that’s okay because I am doing things that I love.

I started back tending grands, getting items ready to sale for my shop and adding some new items to my little nest. This is what I want to share with you today.

First of all have you seen the Romantic Homes February issue yet? I have a small article in the “Yours Truly” section. It is kinda fun to see your little nest up in lights even if it is small. Maybe someday I will have the real thing. But I am so happy that they chose to use mine.

romantic homes 1

romantic homes

Now on to the projects that I have been working on.

romantic console before

I have really fallen hard for the harlequin design. So I decided to do a few more table tops with it, like this great old dresser that used to be my grandmother’s, my mom’s, and it was in my bedroom as a teenager, and now it is in my little nest. The dresser has been many colors in the past, the original color was a very light green something that was very popular in the thirties.

romantic console

I used a very light blue then topped it with a gold antique from Vintage Market. I also added some gold to the legs. I love the look of it, so very French.

romantic coffee table

I did a tutorial on painting the harlequin design if you are interested.

garden blk box

I bought this great old wooden foot locker last summer. I really didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I did know that I loved it. The locker has this great wooden drawer in it, so I knew that it would be great for storage. Sometimes when I purchase find I don’t really have any plans for them so I let them sit in my home and walk by them daily until the light turns on for me. That’s what happened with this locker.

romantic blk chest open

I painted the locker a very light blue. I didn’t add any antiquing glaze to it but I did use a black wax from Vintage Market.

romantic insert

I painted the insert the same way. For the inside I lined it with blue striped vintage wallpaper. So sorry but I forgot to take a picture of it and now I can’t get to it. 😦


In the back ground of this picture is the foot locker. It holds all of my yarn supply.

I have many more projects to share with you so check back!

Have a wonderful weekend.

xx  Jo

30 thoughts on “So Many Projects!

  1. First off, congrats on getting published!! It doesn’t matter how big or little the article, you are still in it and it is wonderful to see. You have a very beautiful house and style! Second, I love what you did with the projects you have, they turned out wonderful!!


  2. So happy to hear about your Romantic Homes article-I love that magazine and glad they love you! The harlequin design gives me an idea on a desk and dresser I need to get to, but first I must pack away my Christmas village this weekend. Once again, thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Jo,
    Yup me too busy and happy doing what gives passion and joy in Childhood Part 2. Congrats on your article in RH, great honor and so deserving. Come check out what I’m up to my fellow Harlequin lover!


  4. Jo, I am so excited about your feature! I want to hear more about it. Did you submit photos, or did they find you through your blog? Feature well deserved my friend!! I haven’t got the Feb. issue yet, but will soon. Love the new Harlequin piece you painted! You really do amazing work!! Hope all is going well with visiting links from SYC.


    • Thank you sweet friend for you comment. No magazine leaves anything to chance, and neither did Romantic Homes. I sent some photos in to Devlin, she’s their assoc. editor. We emailed back and forth for several months about my home and then she told me in November that they would like to use them for their February “AT Home”. Then she wrote me back a few weeks later and ask for more photos and decided to change me to “Yours Truly”. I didn’t care I was so excited to even have them look at my little nest. They have my blog on their list now, so if there is something that they need they can just email me. It’s been a fun experience.
      This week will be my first week hosting SYC. It should be a great experience and working with Jann and Carol is awesome.
      I Hope that life is looking up for you. Have a wonderful new week. xx Jo


  5. Dearet Jo, what a joy to stop in for a visit this morning. How have you been, my friend? I have missed you and your delightful blog, but am happy to be back visiting 🙂

    My, what an honor to be featured in the magazine, sweet lady! Your place is full of beauty and charm so I am not surprised. I will have to get the issue when I go to town today. I agree with Jann, it’s a feature well deserved 🙂

    Thinking of you, dear one, and wishing you a blessed week. Love to you!


  6. Anne, congratulations on having something published in such a beautiful magazine! I don’t have a subscription to Romantic Homes this year but I just might go buy it to read this weekend. Sounds wonderful.

    I love what you did to the dresser. Did you use it as a makeup table? I had one very similar growing up and mine was green too…1970s green.

    Thank you so much for linking with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are thrilled to have you. 🙂



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