Filling Up Space

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend. My life these days have become very busy. 

I just took my first load over to Lost and Found Thrift shop, (see them on Face Book) We are hoping for a March grand opening. My new wardrobe these days are pink, blue, green, and white splatters of paint. lol I have glue in between my nails and paint in my hair. I think that it will be like that for some time. lol Loving it!

At Lost and Found Thrift Shop I will be taking many of their items and doing the refurbishing. So the item will be ready for the home. Special orders are welcomed. I will also be offering my skills as an Interior Designer whether it is for one room or the whole house. We also offer shipping. Right now I have my eye on a great steamer trunk and the it’s in amazing shape, they are asking only $225.00, and if you say you learned about them from Anne’s Attic – design they will give you a 25% discount! How about that! So, those of you that are within the Salt Lake City area come and have a look. Those of you who aren’t just let me know what you are looking for and I will find it for you.

Lost and Found Thrift

Here is a couple of projects that I just finished up that I purchased from Lost and Found Thrift Shop.


I bought these darling twin cribs for my grands, they are in very good shape to. I’ve sanded them down and painted them white. Each one has each little girls names on them. Next I will be making bedding for the cribs.


These wonderful old blue bottles didn’t take much to get them in shape, just a little soap and water and they make a great vignette.

I got this wonderful shelf to go on my crafting table. I painted it a lovely shade of blues and greens. See my painting tutorial for details.



This screen and rusty iron brackets came from Lost and Found as well. I replaced the screening with white lace.

 All of the above were great finds from Lost and Found Thrift. I want to give a special thanks to Cheryl and Rex for opening up there shop to me.

I will keep you updated on the many projects that I do for my new shop or my home.

Have a very happy Tuesday!

xx Jo

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28 thoughts on “Filling Up Space

  1. How much fun are you having? So many adorable projects and of course a side perk is shopping and finds for yourself…good luck in your new venture! Sand


  2. Sounds like an adventure in creative joy. You’re using your talents and having fun, wishing you much success in your new endeavor. Plus shopping too, you go Jo!


  3. You are so creative and talented! If I lived in the area I would definitely visit the shop and love it I’m sure. I live in the mid-Atlantic where the big snow storm hit. I think we now have about 3 feet of snow on the ground! Thank you for sharing, Teresa


  4. I love the shelf. It looks similar to one I just ordered. I would love to see the doll cribs . I have a love for cribs. I have three now but have given away several.


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